Valentine’s Day : Do you want some Jewels ?

Hi, How are you ?

Valentine’s Day is coming very soon and, may you have found your soulmate or not, you might want to offer a present to someone : friend, parent, … But what should we choose ? Flowers ? No, do not last very long… Sweets ? Not good for my friend who wants to loose weight… Hey… what about jewelry ? A watch ? a necklace ? A ring ? There is a lot on the market for Valentine’s Day and I would like to help you making your decision.

A necklace for my Loved One ?

Try to choose something original, in golden or silver shades. If you do want a heart, try to find maybe a very thin one with a non-traditional shape. There are also heart-shaped jewels on which you can engrave a few words or a date… But please, do not choose something too big or too flashy, unless your loved one loves that very much…

Pandora’s Valentine’s Day collection : a little heart in a circle

Picture credit : official Pandora’s website

The heart of the ocean. A big heart-shaped blue diamond on a kind of big chain.

Picture credit 

Or maybe a ring ?

The rule is quite the same. Prefer something light, smart, elegant. Not too big or cheap. Maybe not something in plastic (or go for it and and try the crispy salted ring we love so much when watching TV ! Well, that was a joke…). We often see personalised bracelets (like Pandora’s) but did you know that we can personalise rings ? It is possible to choose a “main” ring, fitting the size of your finger and made of silver, gold or black metal, for example. And then you can choose other smaller rings that fit into your main can be a simple metal ring, or it can be colored, or engraved, or whatever. Here are some examples, for those who can see the picture below. They are made by iXXXi. One positive thing is that these rings exist also for men. Nice, huh ?

Picture Credit 

Those are mine. I have to admit that I am quite proud of this photograph. I have one main silver ring and one main black ring, and I like to combine my white, rose gold and black “decorative” rings.

What do you think ? 

No, why not earrings ?

I love earrings ! I have a lot of pairs. There are a lot of heart-shaped or very romantic earrings. Just do not forget to choose shorter earrings for someone with a shorter neck and a “thicker” face. Someone with a longer neck and a thiner face can wear everything he/she wants.

Or a bracelet…

I think it can be a very good option for a man. You can choose a metal or a leather bracelet like the one below. Everything is possible to show your for for a man.

Leather bracelet with a metallic lock.

I won’t talk about watches because, if you want to offer it to a visually impaired person, you might want to choose a classic braille or speaking watch. For another person, it is quite complicated to choose a watch depending on the wrist and the taste of the person.

Maybe offering a jewel is a bit risky, at the end of the day… Another idea ? An anecdote about a big Valentine’s Day fail ?  Waiting for your comments ! 

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