Liquid Matte Lipsticks by Primark

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I recently wrote about H&M, now it’s time to talk about another fashion and lifestyle giant : Primark. Everyone can see (or has heard about) these huge stores popping up everywhere in the world, selling various kinds of stuff for very small prices. Clothing, underwear, housing products and now… beauty products ! Bloggers and youtubers are all talking about their foundations, powders, and so on. Today, we are going to talk about their liquid matte lipsticks. I made some research and found these shades that could catch your interest :

Dark red
Classic Red

Which one could be your favorite ? You cannot order them on the Internet (the buttons on their websites are not labelled for Voice Over or any vocal device anyway) so just ask to a friend or the closest seller to help finding them in your favorite shop. They are more than affordable (2,50 € / £2 / $2). The packaging, a square-based tube, looks quite nice, and the brush seems quite comfortable to apply the product. Never tried them and do not want to because Primark stores are just a mess, but for those who dare…

Have you tried them ? Want to try them ? Which shade ? Just tell me in a comment below ! 

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