My body and face skin care routine… for now !

Hi ! How are you ?

I wanted to present you, with all these new resolutions and all these changes we schedule for each year, some ideas to start (or going further in) taking care of your skin. There is no collab’ for this post, I bought everything myself but not at the same time. Most of the products I use are not that expensive so you should be able to afford them. Let’s just jump into it…

For my face, every day…

Firstly, I use the Garnier Skin Active micellar water. This one is made for sensitive skin. The smell is very soft and I think it works very well for everyday makeup (never tried with waterproof). To take care of my eyes, I use eye contour Cream Radiance Eye care by Payot. It can be easily applied thanks to the little roller balls and it gives you a feeling of freshness that I quite like. I use a serum made by Vitry for me eyelashes. And each morning, after I cleaned my face with the Nivea Aqua Effect Gentle Foaming Cleanser, I apply a day cream by Garnier as well (Hydra +matifying). Before I got to bed, I still use my Rituals night cream.

For my body, every day…

After my workout, I apply the Body-Hydra+ cream by LIERAC on my arms, my belly or whatever I would like to sculpt a little bit. I loooooove the smell of this cream and its texture as well. For the rest of my body, especially after a good scrubbing session, I like to go from a product to another to hydrate my skin. For now, it is a balm my by Yves Rocher. For my hands, I currently use a cream made by Dove but I like to change as well.

For my face, once a week…

I like to exfoliate my face with Laroche-Posay’s Ultra-fine scrub and then I apply either a hydrating mask by Rituals or a purifying mask by L’Oreal. I really love the smell and do not mind feeling ridiculous thanks to the color of the product or the fact that I cannot talk or smile anymore for a while.

For my body, once a week…

For those who can see, I forgot to take a picture of that product, but I like to use the apricot powder botanical scrub by Yves Rocher. Do not forget to clean your shower or bath tank after you use it.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, that it gave you some ideas for the future. Do we have something in common or you you have some piece of advice for me ? 



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