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H&M will never stop surprising me ! They launched their first beauty product more than one year ago but I was not aware of it and now, it is impossible for me to deny it and not talk about it on the blog. I think that everyone here knows about H&M’clothing ? Good. Let’s then talk about their gorgeous and very affordable (5 euros / £ 3, 99 / $ 5,99) nail polishes presented in a sort of hemispherical bottle. You’ll see only a few of them in this post because there are soooooo many ! Hope you’ll enjoy them and find something that suits you. Here they are :

Nefertiti : sparkling gold
Copper Rose : light and frozen gold
Shakudo : sparkling coppery gold
Space race : shimmery silver
Mimosa Blossom : shimmery yellow
Cioccolata Densa : shimmery brown
Gilt Trip : shimmery Champagne
Nocturne : shimmery dark blue
Jewel Beetle : shimmery bronze with shades of khaki
Time to Shine : top coat with golden and silver flakes
Plum Fool : autumnal mauve
Class Act : creamy brown (no shimmer)

Pine and Dandy : creamy dark green
Make a Mint : mint green
Orchid Bee : green with a peachy undertone
Sky high : light sky blue
Make a Splash : light green
Governess : Burgundy

Mauve it : dark mauve
Aubergine Dream : dark purple
Smoky Aubergine : creamy aubergine
mauve on Up : light mauve
Regalia : autumnal purple

Sedona : creamy dark pink
Milky Tea : creamy pastel pink
Kalahari : light nude
Natural Linen : light creamy beige

Red Carpet : sweet and warm red with purple undertones
Bordeaux : as the name says…
True Tyrian : deep dark red

Bitter Chocolate : dark red-brown
Go-To Greige : creamy pastel grey
Dernier cri : creamy dark brown
Bare with Me : pastel beige
Nutmeg : light grey with mauve undertones
Prussian Wool : matte navy blue

It seems to be good with a base and a top coat. The brush seems a bit small but I prefer that, actually. When it is too big, I tend to apply some product on my skin, as well. You can of course find these products in your favorite h&M store or on their websites. Have you already tried them ? Are you interested ? Tell me by commenting this post or on social networks.

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