Fashion : socks, tights, knee high socks… Any idea ?

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A moment ago, on Facebook, somebody asked me about socks and tights : how to wear them ? What kind color can go with what kind of clothes ? How can I feel pretty and elegant with knee-high socks or tights ? I loved the topic ! I am no specialist in fashion, I just made some research to answer to this question and tried to give my own opinion as well.

What kind of socks should I choose ?

Let me start with men, for once. Please do prefer plain socks under your suit trousers or more elegant jeans. Especially when you are wearing elegant shoes. If you are wearing a black suit, black is compulsory ! If you are wearing some brown or blue, avoid black and prefer grey, navy blue or maroon. Same if you are wearing low boots. You can allow yourself a more funny sock if your trousers are long enough to hide it when you are sitting. If you decide to wear shorts and sneakers during summer, prefer ankle socks or low-cut socks. Try to make them as invisible as possible. No socks in sandals, please !

In general, same rule for women. I won’t talk about white socks in this post because I kind of do not like them. Sometimes, when you do not wash them properly, they do smell good and feel clean but they are still dirty and it is very very ugly. If you are wearing boots, you can allow yourself a funny pair of socks. They are easier to pair, I have to admit ! Or you can follow Marine Leleu’s style and voluntarily decide to wear two different socks each day !

Marine Leleu, a young and funny French athlete, sitting against a wall with all of different socks around her. She is blond, smiling and looking enthusiastic.


Knee-high socks are your friends, not your ennemies !

If you do have very long and beautiful legs and like to wear shorts and short skirts during fall and winter, you can choose to wear knee-high socks with every type of shoes you like. You decide which one you want for which type of event ! Plain or fantasy socks are allowed. Do you want a sportswear or more smart look ? For a more classic evening look, choose black socks, of course. If you just want to go to the gym, you can choose socks with cats on them, or whatever you like. Wear very thin tights under them if you feel cold. Do not forget to never wear more than three colors at a time. You can choose to wear knee-high socks that are in the same shade as your short/skirt/sweater (navy blue socks with a light blue dress or skirt)… or a completely different color (black with red socks, for example).

Four kinds of kneel-high socks for four kinds of looks

Four kinds of kneel-high socks for four kinds of looks


All kinds of tights are pretty !

It is always the same rule, I think you understand it, by now. Never more than three colors, you can choose the same shade as your clothes or a different matching color. Prefer dark-colored tights with dark clothes and lighter tights with a lighter look. If you choose black tights, do not hesitate to choose tights with patterns (stripes, criss cross, dots…) they are all very pretty.

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I really hope I answered to some of your questions. Do not hesitate to comment this post to give me your opinion, your favorite looks or just tell me about your worst moments with tights and socks !

Do not hesitate to ask any question you might have. 

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