e.l.f’s Baked Eyeshadow Palette in NYC

Hi, everybody, how are you ?

I wanted to present you the perfect eyeshadow palette for this winter. It’s totally affordable (10 dollars / 12 euros), the bakes shades are very pretty with their shimmery and frosted effect and the packaging is very simple and smart. It is e.l.f (Eyes, lips, face) who proposes this palette to us. it is said to be nourishing and moisturizing for the lids. Here are the ten eyeshadows organized in two rows of five circles :

Top row, from left to right :

pale pink – ivory – white – gold – silver

Bottom row, from left to right :

dark blue – dark maroon – black – anthracite grey – royal blue

There are other palettes in the same collecting, like California, Texas and Seattle. If you want a description, please, do not hesitate to contact me. I can make you an article or a video, as you like. I think that e.f.f’s products are only sold on the internet, but you will certainly find your country on this page that should be accessible. The palette is available here for the USA and here for the UK.

Baby piece of advice : apply these eyeshadows with your finger or with a spongy tool. It seems to be impossible with a dry brush.

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