Skin care for MEN : some ideas for oily skin / skin with acne

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Some of you have been asking for men skin care products for a while now and I finally started to answer to your questions with this post ! Some others are coming very soon but I can’t do everything simultaneously, right ? Thank you, by the way, for all your questions and suggestions. It means a lot to me.

I hope that you know it by now, there are different skin types. We talk a lot about skin care products for women but it does also work for men. I decided to start with oily skin because it is the case for my Sweetheart’s face. I promise I will write the same kind of posts for other skin types. Here are some products to check out if you present this type of skin :

Oil control mattifying moisturizer by Clinique

It is an after shave that your skin can absorb very easily thanks to its texture. It hydrates your skin without making it feel oilier. But if you want this product, you have to be able to afford it because it costs around 30 dollars. It is part of a collection in which you can find a cleanser, a scrub, a lotion and an eye-contour cream.

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Pure System daily exfoliating cleanser by Yves Rocher

For a more economic, and maybe greener, option, the Pure System daily cleanser by Yves Rocher can be helpful. And it costs only around 10 dollars. The brand promises an intense purification of your skin, a less excessive production of sebum and a way of making spots and black spots vanish.

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L’Oreal Paris Men Expert Pure and Matte Scrub Face Wash

If you are more of a supermarket products fan, you should be pleased by the L’Oreal Men Expert products. The scrub face wash is said to act like the Yves Rocher cleanser I presented earlier and the Hydra Energetic daily moisturizing lotion is said to be easily absorbed by the skin without making it look shiny.

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We have not tested all those products yet (but it will be done some day), these are just some ideas for you, made by brands that we already know, to guide you if you do not know where to start. Brands like Laroche-Posay and Eucerin do also propose some products.

Do not forget to be kind and soft with your skin and to hydrate it, even if it is oily. If you want to scrub your face, do it weekly. Do prefer products that are made for your skin type, as I wrote in this post. Do not hesitate to contact me if you need some more information on the subject.

I hope that you like this post and found it useful. Stay tuned for more tips for men ! 

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