Clothing : some tips to avoid making mistakes with colors

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As promised, I wrote you my first “fashion” post trying to help a bit those people who are afraid of making mistakes in terms of colors. When surfing on the net, I realized that most of you know their clothes thanks to the texture, the touch of the fabric or the shape of the piece, but do not know how to make the colors match. It often happens that we always wear the same “couples” of clothes because we do not dare to mix them any other way. You should be able to guess the number of pictures I send to my mom when I try to mix older and newer clothes together ! So, today, I would like to give you some tips to avoid making mistakes when trying to make your clothes match together.

Beige or cream underwear under white clothes

We often wear white underwear under white shirts or dresses or trousers (even men), but it would be nicer, if you want your underwear to be invisible, to prefer beige or cream or nude/flesh-colored underwear. Indeed, white underwear are very easy to see when the light is strong ! The contrast and transparency are huge and it is impossible to hide what you are wearing under this wonderful shirt you love. It is obvious that white is still better than black or red underwear under white clothes but a beige or flesh color will produce a better effect. Unless, of course, you really do want people to see your bra…

Actress Selena Gomez wearing a completely transparent shirt, letting us see her bra… and everything else.

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Printed clothes only with basic clothes

If you are a fan of animal, flower or geometric print clothes, please only wear one printed piece with a basic other piece. By basic, I mean colors like white, black, grey or brown. Avoid print clothes with a flashy color because it would give “too much information” and it would not be sure that everything is matching together. Of course, there are exceptions and it is possible to created a fantastic look when not respecting this little rule, but as visually impaired people, it is better to be careful. If you want to wear military-printed clothing, prefer a jacket with very simple clothes or only the trousers with a white shirt, for example. The entire military look is to avoid, except if you are joining the army !

Wear a touch of color, not only black

It s often said that black helps to hide what you do not want others to see, and it is obviously true, but there are some risks linked to a total black look. It could make you look like a dead person or make you look grumpy, unhappy. Washing black clothes again and again can make them become grey and it would not be that pretty either. So prefer wearing a touch of color, even if it is only a scarf, that can give you a happier look and draw attention to the part of your body that you like the most or on your face. However, avoid mixing back and maroon or black and night blue. Speaking of that… avoid mixing pink and red together as well.

If you want to create a total black look anyway, choose different kinds of fabrics and effects like a leather jacket, black jeans, varnished shoes…

a woman wearing a total black look : leather skirt and lace top

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Do not wear more than three colors

I think that you might know it, but if you do not want to look like a clown, I suggest that you wear maximum three different colors. Grey, red and black are perfect for the coming winter season. If you prefer to wear only two colors, maroon and yellow are perfect for fall/autumn, orange and pink can be nice, purple and almond green too. A mix of bordeaux and khaki can be unexpected  but very pretty.

I hope that I gave you some ideas and that this post is useful to you. Feel free to give me your opinion in the comments, ask your questions or… anything you want ! See you !

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