Deep and frightening lipstick colors for Halloween…

Hi, everybody ! How are you ?

I wanted to make a special article for Halloween but I did not want to prepare a tutorial for two reasons :

  • It is pretty hard for a non-experienced visually impaired person to do a zombie or whatever-difficult makeup for Halloween. Maybe next year if you ask for it but let’s move carefully.
  • When I was a little girl, I was afraid of letting someone put makeup on my face. I couldn’t stand this cold product that dried on my face right after. Moreover, it was pretty difficult to have a cool or girly princess makeup when I had to put my red-tinted glasses (I’m actually wearing again but it is not compulsory anymore, it is my choice). Well… could you be interested by an article on “how to have a look that suits your tinted glasses ?” or… I don’t know, tell me !

Anyway, if you are willing to go out for a Hallowween party and would like to wear a bit of makeup instead of wearing a mask (does not matter if you are a man or a woman), I can advise you to apply only some very light foundation, some (or a lot of) black powder on your eyelids and a creepy or intense lipstick. That is why I decided to collect for you some lipsticks that you can wear for Halloween… or anytime, if you dare.

Black lipstick

It is impossible to talk about Halloween without mentionning black lipsticks. It is even possible to wear it another day if you want, with the right clothes and the right makeup on the rest of your face. You can find some black lipstick in your drugstore (I can find a black lip pencil for 3 euros at claire’s) or invest 20 dollars for the Rouge Artist n°50 Noir Satin (or Artiste Rouge Crème C604) by Make up For Ever. For 10 euros, you can also get the Gossamer Edition creamy lipstick n°130 by KIKO.

sexy lips with a shimmery black lipstick

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Night Blue Lipstick

Night blue is a very cold color that can be perfect for a Halloween look… or another if you dare, again. The Matte Royal by MAC is really beautiful and pretty intense but expensive (20 euros). For 12,50 euros, you can get the Bleu After Midnight by Manic Panic but I have to admit that I do not know if it is worth it because I discovered the brand while making research for this article. For Kylie’s fans, the Freedom shade is perfect !

Bottom of a woman’s face with pretty dark blue lips. The lipstick tube is presented next to it.

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Blood Red lipstick

Are you a Twilight or The Vampire Diaries fan ? Would you like to be as pretty as these blood-suckers on the 31th ? Why then wouldn’t you choose a blood red lipstick that can perfectly match the drop that I can see falling from the corner of your lips ? The Maybelline Color Sensational 645 Red Revival is perfect and not too expensive. If you do not find that one in your favorite shop, there are a lot of intense reds in the same collection. If you prefer a glossy smile, the gloss and lipstick duo Black Honey by Clinique is perfect but costs 23 euros.

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Want something lighter ?

Why do not you use a pale rose, a very light blue, a pale green or a white lipstick ? It can make you look dead and very scary if you choose to apply a very grey foundation and a smoky black on you eyes.

It is also obvious that you can find things more affordable than the ones I presented today, there are Halloween kits in every store. The Halloween topic is very large and maybe can we do another article next year ?

Whatever you do, just have fun ! 

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