A new address for the blog is coming soon !

Hi, everybody, how are you ?

I have finally bought http://whatcolorisit.be for the blog ! The non-profit organisation Décrivez-Moi will also have its website as decrivez-moi.be but you’ll have to wait until I install and set everything up to see something when clicking on the links. I have to find a better design, to transfer all the articles I wrote until here and install all the plug-ins I want for your comfort and mine. I am also preparing a video in which I share with you some ideas I got for the future of the blog and the Youtube Channel. I also have a lot of side and concrete ideas for the organisation that will be explained on the other website.

Some new articles will still be published here to help you waiting a bit. Thank you to those of you who have been following me since the beginning, nine months ago. Thank you to those who encourage me, who give me ideas and inspire me. I am getting closer to make my dreams come true and I hope that I will help you do the same as soon as possible.

See you very soon !


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