The Washington DC nail polishes collection by OPI

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I havn’t talked about OPI on the blog yet ! OPI is an American brand born in 1981. It seems that there are no wierd stuff in their products and that the brand does not make tests on animals either. I have never bought OPI’s nail polishes so far because they are quite expensive (more than ten euros for 15 ml) but some shades look really really amazing and I would love to buy them and try them. Maybe some day soon ! And my wish for the future is to describe products for everyone, no matter what you like or what you have in your wallet so… Here are the shades of this 2016 fall collection :

Color Is Awesome (NLW53) : teal with a touch of grey
Stay Off The Lawn!! (NLW54) : bottle green
Suzi – The First Lady Of Nails (NLW55) : Olive
Never A Dulles Moment (NLW56) : lemon yellow
Pale To The Chief (NLW57) : shimmery nude
Yank My Doodle (NLW58) : brick red

Freedom Of Peach (NLW59) : turmeric orange
Squeaker of The House (NLW60) : chocolate brown
Shh…It’s Top Secret (NLW61) : dark (black) brown
Madam President (NLW62) : deep fuchsia
OPI By Popular Vote (NLW63) : pinky red
We The Female (NLW64) : blood red

Kerry Blossom : dark plum
Liv’ in The Grey : grey with shades of blue
Inside the ISABELLEtway : light brown

Do not hesitate, as usual, to give me your opinion about the brand in general or about these lipsticks in particular. Which one is or would be your favorite ? It seems that it is impossible, if you are not a professionnal, to buy directly your products on OPI’s websites but you can count on your favorite stores and e-shops to sell these products. As a lot of countries can be concerned, if you need my help to find a shop or an e-shop that delivers to your home, just contact me and I will be pleased to help you. I am thinking about building one or several page(s) with the name of the brands and where to find them on the Internet or around the world, but it is not concrete yet, I am still looking for the better way to work on it.

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