Why should I take care of myself ?

Hi, how are you ? I wrote an article on another non-profit organisation’s blog and I wanted to translate it into English for you because it might be interesting for you. Do not hesitate to let a comment to share your experience, your vision of what is “taking care of me”. Let’s just jump into it…

Why should we take care of ourselves ? And how ? Is it always expensive ? Does it take that much time ? Is it really useful ? These are questions that come to everybody’s mind, no matter if you are able to see totally, partially or if you are blind. They are lots and lots of books, magazines, videos on social networks and TV shows about “lifestyle”, “personal development”, meditation, sport or nutrition and that makes a majority of us feel completely lost. Moreover, these contents are usually not accessible for visually impaired people and that puts us apart. But why should we stay apart ? Does a person that has never had the chance to see herself not want to feel pretty ? To smell good ? To eat healthy ? To do sport ? To be interested in culture ? Because all of that is also taking care of yourself.

Taking care of yourself is not only a matter of clothes, makeup or beauty products. It is also a matter of intellectual, spiritual and emotional wellness. When I apply some cream on my face, I smell good, I feel cleaner, softer. When I do my best to cook something, not only am I practicing some kind of precision in my gesture, but I also manage my stress and i take care of my body, my skin and even of my family that is always ready to eat a pleasant dish or dessert. When I am reading, I learn something new every time and I take care of my memory. I also use my skills of imagination and mental creation when I discover something with my eyes, my ears or my fingers. When I go to the gym, no matter what I choose to do, I take care of my heart, my shape, my posture, I learn to know that body that I might never see.

Moreover, taking care of yourself is not only good for you, it is also good for the people that surround you. We are happier and more confident, That helps us to find a lover, a friend, a job, some help when needed. We dare more, we learn more about ourselves, we open ourselves to the world.

Here are the reasons why I want to take care of myself daily. What are yours ?

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