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A friend asked me to describe her some HEMA products because she’s highly interested by them. HEMA is a Dutch brand well known for its mini prices and a huge number of great products going from clothes to food and beauty products. These products are available in the UK, the Netherlands, Belgium, France  and Germany. I think I might buy some makeup products in the store next to my home and then make a “haul and first impressions” video. But I also wanted to describe some products on the blog as well so here I am with five stick blushes. The cylindric packaging is very simple but quite smart and I think that these cream stick blushes  can be easier to apply on your face than powder blush. Here are the shades :

Shade n°1 : pink with a touch of brown
Shade n°2 : a sort of raspberry red
Shade n°3 : a nude light pink

Shade n°4 : brown with an orangey touch
Shade n°5 : a flashy pink

However, it is quite difficult to navigate on the website (no matter in which country you live, all the websites are designed in the same way) and find what you want. The products are sorted in categories (clothes, makeup) but not in sub-categories (lipsticks, blushes) so you have to fill in the research field to find what you want. The website is okay with VoiceOver. If you prefer to go to a store but need help to find it, just contact me and I will help you !

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