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Hi, how are you ?

I have been working on this blog since January, I have talked about it around me, I have a lot of ideas coming in my mind and I am very happy to announce you that I am ready to go a bit further with this project. This blog will be a part of a nonprofit organization based in Belgium but that will be opened to worldwide collaborations, I promise.

It will be called Décrivez-Moi, in French, which can be translated by Describe Me. Because we describe products to you but we can also describe YOU, visually impaired people, to help you in improving your style, in finding what suits you, what is the most pleasant for YOU. We are not interested in money but you are free to participate in your own way. What do we want ?

-Continue to describe you your favorite beauty products
-Give advice to any visually impaired person who wants to feel better to find a job or just are interested in their well-being.
-Continue to visit webpages and rate them to help visually impaired people who want to order products without help. It is also good for beauty brands that can earn real clients.

And that means starting by changing our own website to make it more accessible for visually impaired people. We are going to buy what is needed to be independent and change the design of this website, we are also going to create another website and Facebook/Twitter pages for the organization.

We also have other goals that will be explained to you a bit later. This is a lot of work that is the reason why the blog will probable run a bit slower for a few weeks. Do not hesitate to comment the news, we hope you enjoy it ! 🙂

See you soon !

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