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Hi, everybody, how are you ?

I wanted to write you something a bit different that can be interesting for you as well, especially if you want to start taking care of your skin but you want something affordable or you do not know how to do it. I would like to write you about my own very simple face routine. I only would like to talk about care products, no makeup here. This is not a collab’ or anything, just my way of taking care of myself for now. I am open to all questions about this routine and to all pieces of advice you might have for me as well. Do not hesitate to comment about what YOU love, about what I should try or anything else !

Each morning and evening

Right after I have brushed my teeth, I wash my face every morning and evening with a “purifying water” (eau moussante et purifiante) by Nectar of Nature/Les Cosmétiques Design Paris that I bought in Carrefour (which is a French firm). I chose the one for combination to oily skin because that is the type of skin i have had for years. The product is sold in a cylindric bottle. When you take the cap off, you discover a pump and you only have to push two times on it to have enough to wash your face. Just share the product between your two hands and do a little massage to your face with it. Rinse with water and it’s done. I like the smell of this product, it makes me think about a garden, about flowers. I like the fact that my skin does not feel oily and looks clean after I use that water.

Each morning

After washing my face, I need to hydrate it. I apply the mattifying Hydra+ Cream by Garnier. Also made for combination to oily skin. This cream hydrates my skin all day long while preventing it from shining when I do not want to wear foundation or too much makeup. The little container should be easy to identify whith its spheric shape but flat cap. The smell is very soft and discreet. I love the very light texture that is quickly absorbed. I think that there are interesting products for other types of skin. Have you already tried them ?

Each evening

Every evening I apply the “Moisture recovery Night Cream” by Rituals. They talk about “active hydrating complex and caring botanicals”, I want to talk about a very light cream that is quickly absorbed, that has a very sweet and lovely smell, perfect for watching tv, reading a bit or going to bed directly after applying the cream. My skin is soft and not oily when I get up the next morning. The container is cylindric but flat and I think you can identify the “matte” cap when touching it.

Once a week

It will not be “every Sunday” or “every Friday” but I try to take some time one day during the week to apply some “Brightening Face Exfoliator” by Rituals on my face. It is made with lotus flower and moringa extract. I like the soft and vegetal smell. The product is contained in a very ordinary cream tube so make sure to put a trace or a label or anything on it to identify it later. I rinse my face with water and then apply the product before rinsing again a few seconds later. This scrub does not hurt my very sensitive skin so I recommend it to everybody !

After that, I use a brush to apply my “Intensive Moisturizing Mask” by Rituals as well (I promise they did not pay me to write this, I just wanted to try their products). Same cream tube, same smell as the exfoliator so be careful. I leave it for 10 to 15 minutes before removing the extra cream with a cotton pad. I do not rinse my face right after.


So that’s it for this time ! I am currently looking for new types of face masks so do not hesitate to let me a comment with any piece of advice you might have. I hope you enjoyed reading this article.

See you soon !

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