The Trend Forecast Fall 16 Lip Palette by MAC Cosmetics

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I already presented you a M-A-C product in March and I come back today with a lovely lip palette that you can use with a brush (not included) or with your fingers. It is a bit expensive because it costs more than 40 euros (40 dollars as well) but with M-A-C, I think the quality of the products is worthing it in general. The packaging is a regular rectangle little box that can easily be taken for an eyeshadow palette that is why I advise you to put a braille label on it if you do not want to make any mistakes. When you open it, you can find six fall lip colors that seem very gorgeous. I think that everyone can find a shade that makes him/her happy. I will describe the shades following the two columns, not the three rows. First on the left and then on the right, from top to bottom.

Blonde Mink : beige
Copperized : brick
Cool To Be Cool : fichsia
Fun Happens : light mauve
Sultry Move : dark mauve
Auberginius : plum

You can find this palette on the official website or in your country’s M-A-C stores. As I said in the article i wrote in March, I can not make a full list of the M-A-C stores around the world but you can easily find them on the internet or ask for my help if needed. I will of course answer to any request “publicly” because it may be interesting for someone else.

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