Flormar’s Matte Nail Polishes

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I discovered the Flormar products a few weeks ago in a Bleu Libellule shop next to my home and I decided to buy two nail polishes. The first one is a sparkling grey and the other one is a bright silver color that I love. For those who can see it, I took a photograph of these products to illustrate this article. They are really cheap (less than three euros), they look perfect after two layers and they last a few days without any problem. The brand is apparently born in Italy but moved in Turkey quite soon after. We can find its products anywhere in the world and I really would love to try other products. I’ll tell you what I think when I find time to buy and test new things. But today I chose to present you the shades of the matte nail polish collection that looks lovely !

MO1 white
M02 black
M03 grey
M04 mint green
M05 light blue/turquoise
M06  teal
M07 bright red
M08 red
M09 pink
M10 dark mauve with fuchsia undertones
M11 dark purple
M12 dark blue

Matte Neon Collection :
M13 flashy light blue
M14 flashy light green
M15 flashy yellow
M16 flashy orange
M17 flashy pink
M18 flashy coral
M19 flashy purple

I want to add that the nail polishes I got were very easy to apply thanks to the quite small brush. We do not put polish on our skin as soon as we go a bit in a wrong direction. The “pyramid” shape of the cap allow us to hold the brush a bit better too. It is not the same shape as the Bourjois caps but it is in the same spirit.

Where can you find these products ? There are Flormar Stores in the United States and in a lot of European countries (Belgium, Italy, Spain, Germany, Hungary, Greece, The Netherlands, Switezrland…) but not in the United Kingdom. But you should be able to find them on the internet, on Amazon, for example. Just tell me if you need any help for a way to find what you want !


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