The Joli Rouge lipstick collection by Clarins

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I honestly did not remember that I posted about Clarins earlier this month (so many things to do !) but I guess I did not say that Clarins was a French brand created in the fifties. I would like to go a bit further with this brand and present you a lipstick collection that looks good to me. The packaging is gorgeous but classic for people who can not see it, but these lipsticks seduced me because of their color and also because they are said to hydrate your lips very well and to last a few hours long. The texture seems to be quite creamy as well. Here are the shades :

701 Orange Fizz : not too flashy orange
705 Soft berry : neutral pinkish beige
707 Petal Pink : very pale pink
711 Papaya : orange coral with peachy undertones
713 Hot Pink : fuchsia
715 Candy Rose : pink with purple undertones
723 Rasberry : the same color as the berry. Really.
731 Rose berry : nude pink
732 Grenadine : orangey red
737 Spicy Cinnamon : brick-red with brown undertones
738 Royal Plum : bordeaux with maroon undertones
740 Bright Coral : bright coral
741 Red Orange : red-orange
742 Joli Rouge : deep raspberry red
747 Rosy Nude : light peachy pink
743 Cherry Red : not-to-deep bright red
744 Soft plum : plum with red undertones
745 Pink Praline : pale pink
746 Tender nude : dark nude pink
748 Delicious Pink : neutral pink
749 Bubble gum Pink : bright pink
750 Lilac Pink : neutral pink with purple undertones
751 Tea Rose : dark pink with caramel undertones
752 Rosewood : quite like tea rose
753 Pink Ginger : orangey pink

If you have any problem with the shades, just say so. They are available on the American website and the English website as well. If you live in another country or need to find a “real” store (you know, with a door and walls), just say so and I will answer to any question you might have.


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