The Multi-Blush Cream Blushes by Clarins

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You have to choose a shade if you want to apply some blush, bronzer or highlighter on your face. That is why I decided to describe these products as well. Hope you will find that useful ! I have not tested yet the blushes I want to talk about today but as soon as they are creamy, that you can apply them with your fingers, and that the shades seem to look good on anybody, I assume they are great for visually impaired people ! Let’s check the shades :

01 Peach : peachy pink with shades of coral
02 Candy : salmon pink with warm undertones
03 Grenadine : raspberry pink
04 Rosewood : neutral rosewood
05 Rose : slightly shimmery peachy pink

Have you already tested them ? just feel free to give your opinion ! You can get them thanks to the accessible American or English websites. If you need help to find a store close to your home, just ask. I just can’t give a list of the places you can find a product, it would take a lot of space !

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