The 1 Seconde nail polish collection by Bourjois

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I wanted to talk to you about these nail polishes because I love their packaging ! The bottles of the 1 Seconde collection by Bourjois have a classic circle base but it ends like a sort of pyramid. If you hold one in your hands, you should understand what I mean and be able to identify that special kind of bottle. I also think that the shape of the cap helps us to hold it better while applying the product. You can choose between a lot of shades, the brush is made to apply the product very easily and it does not cost too much. I tried two of these myself a few months ago and I was quite happy with them ! Want to know about the shades ? Let’s go !

n°01 Transparent glossy : clear
n°02 Rose délicat : pale pink
n°03 Beige distinction : nude beige
n°04 Taupe classy : “hot chocolate” brown
n°05 Corail féérique : pale orange
n°06 Rose cupcake : girly pink
n°07 Fuchsia bucolique : bright fuchsia pink
n°08 Bleu water : light blue
n°09 Lavande esquisse : light lavender
n°10 Rouge poppy : orange light red
n°11 Rouge in style :  classic bright red
n°12 Rouge velvet : dark red
n°13 Figue Chic : lilac
n°14 Rainbow apparition : purple sparkles
n°15 Grenadine Tonique : red top coat
n°16 Bleu Moonlight : deep sparkling night blue
n°17 Gris Nightomic : pearly grey
n°18 Or Hi-Tech : flashy gold
n°19 Mauve Futuristic : shimmery pink/mauve
n°20 Perle Illusion : pearly beige, gold and silvery grey
n°21 Sunny Sunday : pearly yellow
n°22 Turquoise Block : bright light green
n°23 In the Navy : cobalt blue
n°25 Méli Melon : rose orangé
n°26 Blue No Blues : turquoise blue
n°27 Green Fizz : mint green (light flash green)
n°28 Red Dingue : deep dark red
n°29 Monster Blood : pearl black with golden shades
n°30 Ghost Lovers – sparkling black with blue shades Top Coat
n°31 Dangerous Wish : sparkling black
n°32 Vampire Vanity – clear Top Coat with gold sparkles
n°33 Enchanting Poison – clear Top Coat with golden “flakes”
n°34 Violine Hypnotique : metalic deep plum
n°39 It’s Raining Stars : silver sparkles
n°40 I like to mauve it : dark mauve with golden sparkles
n°41 God save the green : emerald green
n°42 Oh my gold : gold sparkles
n°43 Halo de Rose : pink
n°44 Grey to meet you : anthracite grey
n°45 Glitterizer : clear top coat with silver “flakes”
n°46 Berry Important Person : mauve with fuchsia undertones
n°47 Indigo for it : dark indigo purple
n°48 Nice tomette you : brick orange red
n°49 Pink-Itude : sweat pink
n°50 Blue Lagoon : sea green
n°51 Palm Peach : girly orange
n°52 Jamais Saumon Vernis : salmon pink with peach undertones
n°53 Blue de nîmes : blue jean color
n°54 Blue-tiful : deep blue
n°55 : A-greigée : light grey with shades of beige

As usual, if you have any question about the color, just ask. You can find them in a lot of stores, on the internet (Amazon, etc.) and if you need any help to find them near from your home or on a special website, just say so ! I am still here for you.

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