Let’s talk about Blush ?!

Hi ! How are you ?

Some days ago, on Facebook, I saw someone asking for help with the shade of a blush. You know about blush ? That powder that can make you look prettier or look like a clown if it is not correctly applied or does not match with the color of your skin. You have to be careful when you choose a blush : if you are quite white, prefer a pink one. If you are tanned, you can go for a coral or a red.

As for eye shadows, it is possible to buy individual blushes (like the one you can see on the picture, if you are able to do so) or palettes. Either these palettes contain only blushes, or they also contain a bronzer and an highlighter for contouring.

Do you want me to start describing those products as well ? Maybe once a month ? If you feel interested, do you have an idea of the brands or products you want me to describe at first ? Maybe the one you heard about last week and you would like to buy ? Maybe the one you have been using for years and you want everyone to try it as well ?

Just keep me informed !


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