Make Up For Ever’s Rouge Artist Intense Collection

Hi ! How are you ? Today, I decided to talk again about make up For Ever but not about eye shadows. Let’s talk about lipsticks ! These are quite expensive but knowing the brand, they must worth it ! The shades are said to be deep and intense, it should last long on your lips and the product is said to be creamy. The names of the shades seem quite speaking to me (and are written on the website) but if you have any question about the color, do not hesitate to contact me !

M1 Matte Flesh
M3 Matte Caramel
M4 Matte Antique Pink
M5 Matte Violet Pink
M8 Matte Bright Red
9 Pearly Fuchsia
10 Pearly Cold Pink
11 Pearly Rosewood
12 Pearly Mauve
13 Pearly Plum
14 Pearly Dark Violet
15 Pearly Violet
16 Pearly Dark Brown
17 Gold
18 Pearly Beige
19 Pearly Orange pink
20 Pearly Rust
21 Pearly Bright Red
22 Satin Nude
24 Satin Orange Beige
25 Satin Caramel
27 Satin Dark Rosewood
28 Satin Light Taupe
29 Satin Rosewood
30 Satin Light Rosewood
31 Satin Mauve pink
32 Satin Soft Pink
33 Satin Fresh Pink
34 Matte Light Raspberry
36 Satin Fuchsia
37 Satin Bright Pink
38 Satin Coral
39 Satin Orange Coral
40 Satin Bright Orange
41 Satin Rust
42 Satin Vermillon Red
43 Moulin Rouge
44 Satin Brownish Red
48 Satin Blackcurrant
50 Satin Black
51 Playfull Pink
52 Rebellious Red

There are stores and e-stores everywhere in the world. For the Uk, there is one in London and one in Birmingham, for example. I am unable to count the stores for the US ! But if youare visually impaired and have someone to help you, you can use this website to find a store close to your home. I can help as well.

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