A change is coming…

Hi ! How are you ?

This blog is going to change a little bit in a few weeks because it is already a part of something bigger. I am already fighting and contacting people to schedule some events linked to this project that came into my mind in January and that you seem to like. I would like to change the design of the blog and I would like to have your opinion.

I do not mind if you can see or if you are visually impaired : I need your help ! If you are blind, I would like to know if everything is accessible for you or if you want me to place the categories and menus differently. Would you like me to put my partners and social networks in separated pages instead of on the side bar ? Just tell me and I will try to make your wishes come true !

If you are visually impaired or able to see properly, what can I do for you ? Different colors ? Bigger letters or a different font ? Just tell me !

I want to keep the design sober and clean but I want it more girly, smarter and personal. But I am aware that there can be difficulties when working with visually impaired people because i have myself troubles to read some websites and blogs.

Spring is coming and it is time to change, to evolve, to take care of ourselves, open our wings and fly.


Original picture by Priscilla Grédé

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