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If you like to follow beauty bloggers and/or youtubers, it is impossible for you to miss these lipsticks. Vegan, gluten free and cruelty free, the Dose of Colors lipsticks exist in different gorgeous shades that will seduce most of you. The packaging is simple but user friendly because, if you are able to see, you can see the shade through the packaging so that is easier to pick the one you want in your collection.  These lipsticks cost 16 dollars but why not ? Here are the shades :

Soft Touch : sweet pink with peachy undertones
Sorbet : salmon
Angelic : peachy beige nude
Coy : orangey peach
Dark Secret : plum
Karma : coral red-orange
Love Potion : girly Barbie pink
Play Date : pastel pink
Poise : brown nude
Seductive : magenta pink

You can of course buy them directly on the website. I tested it with Voice Over and it is quite accessible but many products are sold out. You can also find these products on e-shops like BeautyBay. If you know about a store that sells these products in your country, feel free to say so so that I can complete this article and maybe help other people. You can buy the liquid matte lipsticks on Amazon.UK if you want. If you need me to write an article about these liquid lipsticks, just say so !

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