Maybelline’s Colorshow nail polishes

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I wanted to talk to you about an affordable collection of nail polishes. The Maybelline Colorshow nail polishes look great and it’s said that they dry very fast. Perfect for the coming spring, is not it ? The packaging is quite traditional with a flat cap on which you can put a one-letter label if you created your own code for your products. But this article, I have to admit so, gave me a lot of trouble because the shades proposed in France are expressed very clearly but they are not the same as in Belgium, in the UK, the US , etc. The websites are quite not accessible with VO so I feel a bit disappointed. Here are some shades I could find :

6 Bubblicious : bright pink (quite dark)
31 Peach Pine : Light nude
46 Sugar crystals : Sparkling nude
70 Ballerina : Sweet light nude
77 Nebline : Pinky nude
108 Golden : gold
110 Urban Coral : Red coral
120 Urban Turquoise : Intense green
150 Mauve Kiss : taupe / purple
232 Rose Chic : sparkling pink
262 Pink Boom : bright pink
329 Canal Street : Sweet light coral pink
349 Power Red : bright red
352 Downtown Red : dark red
455 Traffic Shop : Matte intense red
677 Blackout : deep black

If you did not find what could make you happy, please say so. If someone seeing properly and speaking/writing in English is eager to help me collecting the US and/or UK shades, feel free to contact me ! Otherwise, I think I will try to shake things a bit later and come back to you. If you want any Maybelline products, I think you can find them in every supermarket or drugstore (as it is the case in Belgium). Feel free to get some help there too. Sorry if I disappointed you, I am only human 🙂

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