Tip : taking care of your nails with Vitry

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Sometimes, I like to write you some tips to take care of yourselves instead of simply describing products. It breaks habits, is not it ? But taking care of yourself is not only applying makeup, it is also taking care of your skin (face, body, hands, feet), of your nails, your teeth, your outfit too. Do not hesitate to ask questions if you have some, I am here for you !

In today’s article, I would like you to take care of your nails. It is possible for your nails to break or become weak for many reasons. It is maybe because of a bad eating habits, stress, or “bad treatments” like the use of semi-permanent nail polishes. To avoid or cure that, you should use a treatment. I chose the Vitry nail repair treatment and I would like to give you my opinion.

First, let’s describe the bottle : it is a cylindric bottle with a white cap. When you open it, a brush is stuck to the cap, as all nail polishes or nail treatments I know. We apply it like a nail polish.

There are pros :

  • Unlike some other repair treatment I tested, it is completely clear. No color. Some of them have a very light pinky shade but this one does not and I love that ! If you put some product on your skin while applying it, no one will see it.
  • It dries very very fast ! It does not stick long and you can go into your bag without worrying !

But, sometimes there are cons…

  • I really do not like the smell of the product. It makes my eyes cry. Is that alcohol ?
  • No other problem 🙂

I do not want to look at the ingredients because I am afraid of what I could find, but that treatment makes its job. My nails break less since I started applying it and I like how it shines on my nails.

How to use it ? You put some on your nails everyday and when you fell that there is too much product, you can clean your nails with a remover and start again. You can also use it as a primer under a colored nail polish. How much does it cost ? Around fifteen euros. But as some of you can see on the picture below, I have used it for quite some time and there is still a lot of product in the bottle !

What do you think of this product ? Another brand you can advise me ?


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