The Clinique’s Chubby Stick Colour Balms

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Most of you already know the products that I want to talk about in this article because they did not recently arrived in our stores, but maybe will they seduce newbies or attract makeup fans again ? I am referring to the Chubby Sticks by Clinique, these funny colored lip balms. They are presented in a djumbo packaging with a ring at the end of the tube that you can turn to get more product. They are less tinted than regular lipsticks because that is not their function, but there are fun colors anyway. They can fit in all types of looks ! Here are some shades :

Whole Lotta Honey : beige pink
Two Ton tomato : orangey bright red
Mega melon : coral pink
Chunky Cherry : red-pink
Woppin’ Wtaermelon : between pink and peach
Super Strawberry : a sweet pink
Graped Up : rose with shades of brown
Plumped Up Pink : medium pink (neither too light, nor too dark)
Supreme Sorbet : light pink
Jumbo Jasmine : old rose
Heaping Hazelnut : beige
Bountiful Blush : maroon with pink undertones
Oversized Orange : orangey shimmery pink
Mighty Mimosa : sweet light shimmery pink
Curvy Candy : Candy but descreet pink
Pudgy Peony : fuschia
Voluptuous Violet : Looks violet/purple on the stick but is plum on the lips

It costs 17 pounds in the UK and you can find it on the official Clinique website or in a large amount of stores. For the US, it costs 17 dollars and you can also find it on the website or in stores. All the websites look alike and they are quite accessible according to my experience. If you live in another country, try to google it but if you need my help in any way, just say so !

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