The Couleur Caramel matte nail polishes

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Organic cosmetics are trendy these times that is why, after talking about lipsticks last time, I wanted to talk about nail polishes. I did not know that nail polishes could be organic until I heard about Couler caramel, a French natural beauty brand. Nice shades in a quite typical nail polish packaging (except that the left side of the basis looks larger than the right side, on the picture at least) for only 7 euros (but £14.75 for the UK). That’s good ! Let’s get a look at the shades :

08 rouge (red)
10 chocolat (chocolate)
11 grenat (dark red)
23 rubis laqué (ruby)
42 rouge poinsettia (ponsettia is a red flower)
46 taupe
47 myrtille (blueberry)
52 rose flash bikini (flashy pink)
54 orange flash paradis (flashy orange)
57 fuchsia
59 bleu profond (intense blue)
60 prune électrique (electric plum)
61 gris noir (black-grey)
66 parme (very light mauve)
67 beige clair (light beige)
68 rose léger (light pink)
70 corail orangé (orange coral)

If you have questions, if something is unclear for you, just say so ! In the UK, you can find these products on Amazon. In the US or elsewhere, I can make a research for you if you are interested but did not know about the brand. I was hesitating to try to find an accessible link for each shade but it would be too difficult if I have to find one for US, one for UK and so on. But tell me if you need help, I am available for you and I like to help very much !

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