Brainstorming : Accessible Beauty ?

Hi !

Since i created “What Color Is it ?”, a lot of more or less concrete ideas have come to my mind. The other day, I was saying to myself : “Yeah, describing product is a fine idea, but how can you go further ?”. I saw some questions on different social networks to which I will give an answer very soon but today I will ask you the following question : How can we make beauty and makeup becoming more accessible ? Some things came to my mind :

Tools and material

  • Brushes : Some of us prefer to apply makeup with our fingers while others prefer to use brushes even if  our sight is not perfect. That is my case. The problem is that the brushes I find when I go shopping have too long handles. As I look very closely to the mirror, I have to make efforts to avoid hurting the mirror with the end of the handle or hurting my eyes. Do you know brands of high quality which propose brushes with short handles ? I would take any piece of advice ! Maybe is it possible to imagine ergonomic handles easier to hold or with different textures to recognize each type of brush a little bit faster when we are unable to see.
  • Applying nail polish : Personnaly, I can still see so I can apply nail polish myself on my nails. How do I proceed ? I put my nail polish without bothering if I put some on the skin around my nails and, then, later, I use a brush with remover on it to clean the extra nail polish. But could we imagine a sort of silicone protection that we could put on our fingers ? With a hole for the nail ? There could be different sizes for most types of hands. We apply our nail polish easily, without putting it on our skin. Tape is great but it is hard to put in place or remove without loosing our time when we can’t see anything !

Apps for smartphones

I do not have any concrete examples in mind for now, but I am sure that apps helping users choosing a new hair color or a makeup style thanks to the phone camera already exist. Beauty is also getting connected. Is there an app that could help visually impaired people and make them happier ?

I hope this little brainstorming inspired you and allowed questions to pop up in some heads ? Let’s work !


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