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I have not already purchased them but I would like to try the Avril lipsticks. Why ? Because it is an “organic certified” brand, because the shades look nice and because it is affordable (4 to 8 euros for a lipstick is fine, is not it ?). Moreover, I found the website ( quite accessible and that french brand delivers in Belgium and in many other European countries. The different shades of lipsticks are :

Lipstick pencil

Bois de rose (natural pink)
Corail (coral)
Rose charme (flashy pink)
Rose indien (darker pink with shades of purple)
Bonbon (girly pink)
Griotte (intense cherry red)
Vrai Rouge (classic red)
Violine (purple with shades of pink)
Châtaigne (brown with shades of pink)

Lipstick stick

Saumon (pink with shades of orange)
Terre battue (red ocher)
Rouge Brique (brick red)
Rose Vintage nacré (pink with shades of mauve)
Brun Rose nacré (pearl brown with shades of pink)
Aubergine nacré (pearly plum)
Châtaigne (brown)

As usual, if you do not understand anything, just say so ! I will try to make my best to correct it. There are also the “Rose poupée “(dolly pink) and the “Pearly Nude” shades but they are not available for now. What do you think ? Do you want to give thme a try ? Did you already know this brand ?


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