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Hi !

I am writing this article today because of a comment I read on a Facebook group a few days ago. I do not want to hurt anyone in this article, I just want to express my feelings hoping that, maybe, it would be useful to some people. Here is what I saw :

I want to learn how to apply makeup. I watched a video on the Internet and it seems like it requires a lot of time… If I want to make like the woman in the video, I need to love my bathroom and taking my time.

Some things touched me in these sentences :

At first…

I think that wanting to learn how to apply makeup is wonderful. No matter how old you are, if you are visually impaired or not, or no matter your gender. I think it is more than okay to express our curiosity about that subject, trying to find sources of inspiration about colors, techniques and style. Feeling pretty and taking care of ourselves must be accessible for all and the web is a great place to start looking for solutions. But be careful about what you find.

There are limits…

Some people choose to make a job of their image and their passion for makeup. They might not become rich thanks to it but they chose to spend a lot of time taking care of themselves because their image is or will be a source of financial income (and let me precise that I do not find it stupid or anything). When we want to learn how to apply makeup, we must keep in mind that we have neither the same products, nor the same amount of time that these people we select for our inspiration. We should also keep in mind that no makeup applying step is compulsory. Contouring is not compulsory. Applying a foundation either. Each step is a choice.

As I already explained in a video, I started slowly, very slowly. When practicing, we realize that we go faster and faster when doing daily gestures. It is also important not to forget than a day makeup is different from a night makeup or a Valentine’s Day makeup. Nude and natural is also nice.

Finally, also when practicing, we realize that we do not use the same technique to apply our eyeshadows than our neighbor and that we absolutely do not have the same shape of face. Some will spend a lot of time applying concealer to hide their little imperfections while others will look like they have a perfect skin without doing anything. You are unique. You have your own singularities. And while some would want to fix their makeup and watch every detail to feel good, others would just want to apply some mascara and lipstick to feel beautiful.

If a conclusion has to be drawn… 

Get inspired from videos and people surrounding you, listen to the pieces of advice we offer you but remember that there is no specific rule in applying makeup. Follow an idea for your eyes on one side and another idea for your lips on the other. Go step by step at your own pace and, above all : feel pretty. Do not panic and do not let you become overwhelmed when you start learning or you will be discouraged. Do as you please to feel comfortable.

What I just said is also worthy for my blog and my videos. Take what you want, think what you want. Keep what you like and throw away what you do not. Remain yourselves, follow your instinct and feel good !


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