Tip : The NIVEA after-shaving balm can be a perfect and affordable primer

Hello !

I discovered that little tip on the Internet thanks to different bloggers and Youtubers and I decided to give it a try by myself, to make my own opinion. I had some concerns that I will talk about further in this article. But first, a little reminder :

When you want to put make up on your face such as foundation, concealer, blush, or when you want to do some contouring, you absolutely must apply a primer on your skin in order to hydrate and protect it, but also to fix the makeup and make it last all day long. Glycerin is the perfect ingredient to fix your makeup and that balm contains a lot of it. It prevents your skin from getting irritated, it hydrates your skin and contains glycerin. What else ? (no, I’m not advertising for a famous coffee brand). What more could you possibly want ? Let’s test it ! But, I had some concerns : what about the smell ? And what about texture ? Men products smell quite differently like musc or a bit more spicy. I had some concerns, as I said. Let’s keep going…

First, the packaging…

For visually impaired readers, let’s describe the bottle a bit :it is an oval, quite flat, bottle with a rectangular cap. It might be possible to put a label on the cap if necessary. For seeing people, I am offering you a picture that I took myself :

Nivea balm

Then, let’s talk about texture…

Neither creamy, nor completely liquid, I advise you to put some (only a drop or two) on the palm of your hand and share it with the other hand before slightly massaging your face. Do not forget to put some on your ears and neck where you will more than probably apply some foundation to avoid a mask effect. Be careful: the product is white, not clear, make sure that you blend it everywhere so that no white traces can be seen.


And that smell ?

It is obvious that it smells like other men products but I do not find that disturbing at all end it does not last very long. The original smell is rapidly replaced by the typical NIVEA smell that I quite like.

Conclusion :

I have been testing it in some days and I love it. It does its job, it nourishes and hydrates my skin and it only cost eight or nine euros. As I do not put that much product on my face, it should last for a quite long time unless my boyfriend decides to use it too ! You can find it in every drugstore so it really a good tip !

Already tried ? Or discovering that tip thanks to me ? Please do not hesitate to comment !

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