The Color Riche Nail polishes by L’Oréal

Hi ! How are you ? I wanted to talk to you about a collection of nail polishes that I already tested and that did not upset me. A mini packaging, an attractive price, a large list of shades… The L’Oréal Color Riche nail polishes have everything to make you happy ! Here are some shades :

000 Parisian Crystal : clear nail polish
101 Opera Ballerina : very light pink, nearly white
106 Versailles Gold : golden-nut, metal effect
109 Cafe Saint Germain : brown coffee (with milk) /milk chocolate
121 Royal Orchidee : mauve
133 Cliché Mania : darker mauve
136 Flamingo Elegance : fuchsia pink
140 Martinez Cobalt : teal
143 Suite 702 : yellow-brown
171 Studio Red : brick red
172 : Marsala palace : bordeaux
175 Acid Violet : purple

207 Baby Doll : pearly light pink
211 Opulent Pink : dark pink / grenadine red
238 Orange after Party : shimmery coral pink
240 Pop Corn : light yellow
241 Cloud Wow : light blue
243 Tangerine Luv : Pastel orange
244 Green LOL : green
245 OMG Blues : royal blue

304 Spicy Orange : red orange
305 Dating Coral : coral pink

403 Femme Fatale : classic red with shades of raspberry red
404 Scarlet Vamp : scarlet red
420 L’Or Jungle : gold with metal effect
462 Préléminaire : dark plum

602 Perle de Jade : pistachio green or turquoise, depending on the light
610 Rebel Blue : shimmery blue
611 Sky Fits Heaven : flashy sky blue

826 Punchy Lychee : dark red
834 Banana Pop : flashy yellow
840 Black Diamond : shimmery opaque dark grey
842 Sequin Explosion : sparkling clear nail polish (top coat)
843 White Gold : sparkling gold
852 Pistachio Drage : very light pistachio green
855 Oyster Bay : white beige
854 Golden coquillage : white with shades of gold
857 Chantilly Lace : opaque white
858 Ocean Porcelaine : white with shades of sky blue and grey
859 Gourmandise : lilac
866 Jumpsuit Couture : light brown
870 Fourreau Inferno : dark pink with shades of mauve
873 Carnal Dentelle : flashy intense red
875 Kimono Empire : shimmery dark plum
890 Masque Lover : green grey with a sparkling metal effect
895 Power Potion : dark grey with a light metal effect

I used Sequin Effect and Baby Doll, for example, and I liked them very much ! If you live in the UK, you can them here. For the US, you can go here or on but most of the shades are not presented in this article. I can write another article, just feel free to tell me if you are interested ! For any other question, feel free to ask, too !

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