The Wish Cosmetics products will be accessible for Blindies !

Hi ! I wish you a very happy February !

And I think it starts with good news ! Lucy, who runs the YesterdayWishes Youtube Channel, announced that she was working on a line of beauty products with her sister Alice. You may not be aware of it, but Lucy is blind but a huge fan of makeup and beauty. She promises braille packagings for the products and she adds that they will be well-designed. Unfortunately, you will have to wait some months before meeting them in your favorite stores because she only signed for the name of the society : Wish Cosmetics. The products still have to be created and tested in laboratory but the two girls have lots of ideas. Lucy invites us to choose the name of the products to make them as original as possible.

I’ll keep you informed if you are interested. But for now, here is the announcement video right here.

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