ESSIE, the nearly accessible nail polishes

Hi ! How are you ?

I wanted to say how I was grateful to ESSIE for its efforts when it comes to accessibility : name of the shades written on a sticker placed on the cap, rectangular bottle so that it is easy to put a label on it if needed, French website accessible with VoiceOver and where you can find a description of each shade of nail polish.

But the website is quite a disaster ! A list of the shades is presented and you can navigate on it easily but when you are interested in a name and do want to know what kind of color it is, a window pops up to give you the description but it is invisible for VO. Bad thing…

I think that it is not because we have troubles when reading on a computer that we can not buy and apply nail polish alone or just buy it to surprise a friend or a member of our family. Each of us has the right to have access to this website. So sorry for English-speaking people. Try another website like Nailpolishcanada (I can do some other research for you. gives the descriptions but VO does not “see” the list of colors) or just say if you want colors descriptions. I am always available for you.


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